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  • Ingredients: 100% sweet grass tea Origin: Tea Vinh Tien Preserved in a dry environment Commitment: do not use chemical preservatives. Sweetener extracted from sweet grass tea only works to provide natural sugar to the body. This sugar contains no calories, so it is not harmful for diabetics. Especially, for those who have to abstain from sugar, sweet grass leaf tea is a great choice.

Science proves that in sweet grass tea contains a substance 300 times sweeter than sugar but has no energy. Since then, hundreds of views suggest that the use of sweet herbs can help treat diabetes, lose weight, ... But whether that little plant can do the things that ... even science is hurting. top?

Chemical composition of herbaceous plant

Scientists have researched and pointed out that the main ingredients in the herb include:

Active ingredient Steviosid - a glucosid that tastes 300 times as sweet as saccharose but has no energy.

Carbonhydrate, Protein, Fat… have health benefits.

Sweet grass has a sweet taste thanks to natural glycosides. It is extracted from the leaves of the stevia tree through a process that begins by soaking the plant in hot water.

Although they are calorie free, sweet herb extract can be 200 times as sweet as the equivalent amount of sugar.

Sweet grass contains the active ingredient Steviosid - 1 glucosid has a sweet taste 300 times the diameter of sucrose but does not bring energy.

Uses of sweet plants

Reducing the need for glucose and carbohydrates of the patient's body, helping the patient get rid of headaches and insomnia.

Used together with the dried leaves of Artichoke Tea, conifers, licorice to make soft drinks with antipyretic and diuretic effects.

As raw materials used to process colored wine, tomato juice, fruit juice, frozen confectionery, dried seafood, and processing vinegar.

Used as a substitute for soda, confectionery, and jam products.

Helps balance blood pressure, regulate blood sugar, lower blood fat.

Prevention of cardiovascular disease, brain disease, atherosclerosis prevention.

Help increase the ability to work, increase the body's immune system.

Provides the necessary amount of sugar for the body naturally, reduces the cravings for sweetness for patients with obesity, diabetes, ...

Please note that sweetener extracted from sweet grass only works to provide natural sugars to the body. This sugar contains no calories, so it is not harmful for diabetics. Especially, for those who have to abstain from sugar, sweet grass is a great choice.

Drink sweet grass tea to lose weight?

Sweet grass has no calories, but this doesn't mean its benefits will help you lose weight if you use it instead of sugar.

Sweet grass is calorie free, but that doesn't mean it will help you lose weight.

Sweet grass seems to be the magic solution for anyone looking to lose weight, but there's no conclusive evidence that this sugar substitute helps with weight loss for sweets lovers or keeps them from overeating. . In fact, people who drink “diet” soda are often overweight.

Subjects use sweet grass tea

Sweet grass has a sweet substance 300 times the diameter of saccharoza, but it does not bring much energy and the taste is still very delicious so it is suitable for people like:

People with diabetes, obesity need to lose weight, patients with gastric bypass need to be patient with sucrose diameter.

People with high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, pregnant women consistently use licorice.

People are using drugs containing Digitalis, a thiazide diuretic.

People who want to enhance skin health and beauty.

How to use sweet grass tea

Use tea brakes to drink daily. Each time take 2-5 leaves with a glass or a 300ml teapot, brake after 5-7 minutes to use.

Used as a medicine for diabetics, twice a day, 2.5g of dried sweet grass leaves each time, with 200ml of 50ml water.

Use for obese people: daily dose is 7.5g of dried sweet grass leaves, excellent drink, continuous use.

Cure high blood pressure: daily boil periwinkle, chrysanthemum, flowers and sweet grass.eriwinkle, chrysanthemum, flowers and sweet grass.

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