Refined Hong Yen (100gr)

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  • Refined persimmon is a food with very high nutritional value in the most rare and precious bird's nest today. Refined persimmon (feathered) is light yellow in color and ranges from mandarin yellow to egg yolk, and is one of the rarest types of bird's nest today. This is the bird's nest that has been cleaned 100%, without chemicals or materials that directly affect the bird's nest.

Refined Hong Yen is a food with very high nutritional value. However, the best nutritional value of this food must be differentiated according to the color of the natural nest. It can be said that this is an extremely rare and nutritious swallow nest.

1. Red swallow refined characteristics to identify?

Light brown or orange yellow in color, very natural look. Bird's nest is pink due to the absorption of iron oxide minerals from the cliff to obtain excellent nutritional content. The special thing is that refined persimmon can only be obtained from the nests on the island or the dangerous cliffs are very difficult to harvest, the exploitation of the nest is very difficult and dangerous, creating a scarcity in the market. . Bird's nest in the house today can not create persimmon.

Just like red bird's nest, which accounts for less than 20% of the total yield of oats, which also speaks to its scarcity, so the price of persimmon is the second most expensive type after natural swallow nest.

The darker the color of the oats, the higher its nutritional value, the more similar it is to the bird's nest, so it's rare and the highest value today.

Refined persimmon is bird's nest that has been manually cleaned without feathers, dirt, completely clean and refined into fibers from natural swallow nest as well as conventional refined products. Customers always use without having to clean again, just soak in water to expand and process immediately for the family to enjoy. The product does not use harmful flavors, chemicals, and preservatives. Therefore, the product always retains a certain nutritious value with its characteristic natural flavor.

It is easy to recognize that refined persimmon has natural orange pink color, porous oat ears, coarse fiber, rough. Refined nest is completely clean, so it is very convenient to use without preliminary processing.

Completely pulled and cleaned manually from persimmon, still with the fiber intact, very beautiful. The refining process is done completely by hand with very high requirements, no impurities and chemicals, so the quality is maintained on each product.

2. What is the use of refined persimmon?

Has the effect of enhancing health, quickly recovering the body, making beauty and supporting many diseases to help recover quickly. Specifically, effective products are as follows:

2.1. Effects on women

+ Ingredients Collagen naturally regenerates the skin, supports anti-pigmentation, freckles, pink skin

Elastin ingredient minimizes wrinkles and dark circles around the eyes.

+ Tyrosine improves round 1, supports the prevention of breast cancer risk

+ Protein helps firm body, limits excess fat, blurs stretch, dark skin

2.2. Works with the elderly

Protein, Vitamins, and minerals provide nutrients for the body.

Calcium and amino acids help bones strong, limit osteoporosis.

+ Chromium stimulates digestion, appetite.

Iron. Valine, Syalic help replenish blood, enhance circulatory function.

+ Manganese and Dn enhance memory

+ Collagen restricts aging.

2.3. Effects on pregnant women

+ Strengthen resistance, immune system

+ Full complement of nutrients for mothers and babies

+ Provide adequate minerals, iron necessary for pregnant women

+ Reducing pain in the bones and joints, fatigue in the body of pregnant women.

+ Beauty skin, limit stretch marks, tanning, keep in shape after birth.

+ Provide proper nutrition to gain weight scientifically.

2.4. Works for men

+ Iron, Mn help healthy bones and joints, reduce pain in the neck and shoulders.

+ Br, Zn stabilize the nervous system, enhance memory and limit stress.

Arginine enhances muscle growth and libido

+ Calcium, Valine connects muscles and body tissue.

2.5. Effects on children

Aspartic produces antibody and immune solutions

+ Glutamic, Glycine brain development, intelligence enhancement.

Threonine stimulates digestion and absorption.

3. How to use refined persimmon product

Refined red oats have many ways of processing into different dishes, mainly processed into ready-made dishes, smoothies and many other dishes but still retain the nutritional value of oats. You can also make oats with sugar alum or combine with some flavors such as red apple, lotus seeds, chia seeds for richer and more delicious dishes.

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