Refined Fluffy Nest Type 1 (100gr)

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  • ✪ Refined pure nests also come from the original nest, exploited from natural oats in the sea, ... However, refined oats will be workers using professional methods to clean feathers and impurities mixed into the original nest when it was first exploited. After exploiting, refined nests are often molded to resemble the shape of swiftlet ears when exploiting, but in some cases, they are pressed into a square or rectangular shape, white and free from impurities.

Refined bird's nest is a type of bird nest that has been cleaned, removed feathers and impurities through a completely manual feather cleaning process to be able to keep 100% of the micronutrients of the nest.

Refined and raw nests usually have equal nutrients. However, refined oats usually have a bright white appearance and are more beautiful than the raw nest. It can be said that swallow nest is a very nutritious food source. Bird's nest also has many different types. Depending on economic conditions you can choose for yourself the right nest.

1. The Effects of Pure Refined Nest:

❂ Is a food that enhances health, enhances fitness, fosters health for the body, fosters determination, and enhances resistance.

✔ Is anti-aging food, skin beautifying, regenerating skin cells

✔ Helps the fetus to develop healthy, heat, balance body, increase immunity, very good for pregnant and lactating women

✔ Reduce fatigue for the body, good support for the digestive system

✔ Helping the elderly sleep easier, have a better and deeper sleep, keep the body full of energy

✔ Raw bird's nest is extremely useful for men's health, stimulates cell growth, increases resistance, helps the body stay supple, is a food that enhances men's health.

2. How to Use Refined Pure Nest:

✪ Soak the nest in boiled water to cool for about 45 minutes, then use a cast with holes to rinse the nest about 2 or 3 times. Note should wash the oats gently, avoid washing them directly under strong water because it will cause the fibers to be crushed and lose their substance.

✔ The best way to cook swallow's nests is a water bath, as this will keep most of the essence of the nest. No matter what you cook, you should distill the original bird's nest before mixing it with the dishes.

✔ Eat oats on an empty stomach (not too full) or before going to bed

✔ Adults eat 4-5 grams of oats a day.

✔ Children from 2 years old eat 1-2 grams a day

3. Who Can Use Pure Refined Nests:

Chế Pure refined swallow nest product suitable for everyone, especially good for:

✔ Those who work tired, stressed because of work

✔ Elderly health impaired

✔ Useful for the health of pregnant women, newborn women

✔ Help the sick to recover quickly

4. Storage:

✔ Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

✔ Keep out of reach of children

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