Raw Hong Yen (100gr)

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  • Raw persimmon swallow nest is intact, taken from mountain caves, and has not been preliminarily processed. Raw Hong Yen is 100% exploited from the nature Bird's nest is pink due to absorption of iron oxygen minerals from the cliffs, 100% pure nest, no colorants, no preservatives and fillers. Vinmeli brings real value to its users.

Raw persimmon swallow nest is intact, taken from natural mountain caves, and has not been preliminarily processed and cleaned. Red oats are orange in color, but the color can be changed according to the diet when the oats change from tangerine peel color to egg yolk yellow, the darker the color, the higher the price.

1. How many types of raw persimmon swallow?

Red nest is very few and the number accounts for less than 20% of the total production of swallow nest on the world market, it is very scarce. Raw persimmon nest has 2 types: house-raising and island-raising, natural bird's nest from the island will have a much higher value than house-raising.

2. Does raw persimmon have characteristics?

- The color of persimmon is usually pink, looking like a beautiful pink turtle shell. Natural pink oat color, brighter than the raw, fertile oats fiber. The darker or lighter the color of the nest can be, the darker the economic value will be

- The fibers of the swallow's nest are very tough, with a characteristic mild aroma. The outside fiber is arranged in parallel, the inside of the same fiber is arranged like a spider web, delicate and beautiful as well as used to protect the best of them.

- The thickness of raw persimmon persimmon has a natural pink grip, especially in the middle of the bird's ear, very nice, suitable for gifting.

3. Rare benefits of raw persimmon.

- As the most precious natural medicine in ancient times only used for kings, up to now, raw persimmon is still the product chosen by many customers because of its nutrients.

- Contains 50% protein 18 types of amino acids than 31 trace elements to help supplement nutrition to prevent disease and prevent cancer very effectively.

- Is the best resistance to the impacts of the climate environment, dirty water and food. Collagen is not yet helps increase hormones as well as beautify the skin against the signs of aging.

- Pregnant and lactating women.

- People with stretch marks after giving birth, obese people, premature aging, use will be very good

- Elderly people suffer from osteoarthritis pain, loss of appetite, insomnia, fatigue, poor intelligence, memory loss.

- New people get up sick, have physical weakness, incurable diseases, need quick recovery

- People with diabetes, blood pressure, heart disease.

- Children often suffer from constipation, internal heat, boils.

Men want to develop muscle.

- Fully supplemented with amino acids, vitamins and minerals needed.

4. Instructions for using raw persimmon.

Bird's nest soup is often considered a very healthy nutritious food

- Initially soak the nest in water for about 2 hours to expand, remove impurities, wash, drain.

- Put oats in the water bath with red apple, lotus seeds, evil chicken, ginseng, pigeon, chicken or a combination of alum sugar to eat.

Raw red oats, if not used, should dry them out and then store them in the refrigerator to make them fresh. Preservation time is about 10 days.

If you want to preserve longer, make the oats dry. Khanh Hoa natural persimmon nest is a type of oats with extremely high nutritional and health value.In natural cuisine, there is hardly any product that can match pink nest. Pink nests are divided into many types, according to which the darker the nest is, the higher the economic value.

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