Fresh Yen (100gr)

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  • Fresh nests are simply the Nest but have been cleaned. And just like any other food, fresh also means fresh. The characteristic of fresh Yen is that the filament of Yen has just been cleaned so it is still wet and soft. The use of fresh bird's nest: Increase resistance, reduce disease Consolidate, enhance the respiratory system, digestive system, liver Quick recovery after disease, postpartum, after surgery Help lean people eat more delicious, fat people do not gain weight when eating oats. Increase memory, reduce stress, stress for people who work a lot, depression Reduce the risk of preeclampsia, fetal defects for pregnant women Increase the quality and quantity of breast milk for lactating women Anti-aging, beautiful skin, beautiful appearance Regulates blood sugar. Prevention of osteoarthritis, arthritis Children from 1 year old and older, especially stunted children, anorexia, malnourished and newly ill Pregnant women 3 months or more, postpartum, breast-feeding. People who do a lot of mental / physical activities, stress, and depression The elderly, the sick, the new surgery. Everyone needs to replenish and maintain skin health, resistance, and beauty maintenance.

Benefits of Fresh Yen

That fresh bird's nest is already the final product, so you just need to put it in to steam. It can be said that it is extremely convenient and saves time. Instead, you have to spend hours sitting and picking up each feather. Then with fresh Yen, everything has been resolved.

In addition, fresh Yen also has a strength that is where to use, buy there. Because fresh nests are divided into small packages of 100 grams. So each time you only need to buy 1-2 packages to use the whole family. Without having to buy a whole box of several million yen. The feeling of being much lighter is a lot more money.

And for each package of fresh nests on average, we will cook 3-4 cups of Yen. It depends on each family that we like to eat solid or a little thin nests, but increase the amount of water when distilling.

Instructions for using fresh bird's nest:

How to use: Get fresh oats from the refrigerator, thaw them, put them in a bowl, fill them with water, keep them in a water bath with any ingredients you like.

Children 1-3 years old: 6-7g / day - use every other day (maximum 7g / day)

Children from 4 - 10 years old: 6-7 / day - use daily or every other day (maximum 14g / day)

Children from 10 years old and adults: 2 jars / day - use daily or every other day (maximum: 20g / day)

Storage: 2 weeks (refrigerator cooler) - 2 months (freezer) - avoid under the car (without ice) or places with extreme high temperature.

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